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Of crisis and hydrogen

Building the world of tomorrow to create a cleaner planet is at the core of Haffner Energy's values. The COVID-19 crisis calls for responsabilities to be taken, and allows us to take in the size of the challenges ahead, raising awareness of citizens and public institutions on the urgency of climate change and sustainability.

Who is not left in awe in front of all pictures of magnificent pollution-free landscapes circulating on social media nowadays? Who is not happy to be counting on local productions during this time of lockdown?

This world can be built together, and without any decrease in growth! That is why we have never been prouder to soon roll out our HYNOCA® solution, which allows to produce a fully renewable, local, and profitable hydrogen from biomass, thus making the best of both worlds for ecology and economy.

Our missions: preserving air quality by ending carbon emissions, creating jobs that add value to local territories, particularly in rural areas, and generalizing the use of hydrogen (for industry and mobility).

While we are writing this, our teams are hard at work to continue to development of this solution (from home), notably with our industrial demonstrator R-HYNOCA in Strasbourg (France) in partnership with R-GDS.

We are staying true to our core value of inventing the world of tomorrow, which we are already building to allow as quick as possible the cleaner, more resilient world that we are dreaming of particularly now - so join us in this beautiful journey!




Haffner Energy is an innovator and a project manager of renewable energy solutions for industrials and local authorities. Specialized in biomass-to-power projects, the company’s breakthrough HYNOCA® technology, protected by 14 family of patents, is the first to produce a 100% renewable & affordable hydrogen from well to wheel. Our goal is to turn the energy transition into opportunities for our clients’ competitivity, for local economies, and for the environment’s protection.

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