DINAMHySE is a consortium created in 2018 and made up of six companies, two research organizations, a local authority and three competitiveness clusters. HAFFNER ENERGY is proud to be a founding member of DINAMHySE.

The DINAMHySE project aims to stimulate and accelerate the development of the hydrogen sector in the Grand Est region, from production to multiple possible uses (mobility, building, renewable energy storage). The consortium also aims to implement hydrogen as part of the energy transition. This will result in various mission themes such as:

  • Inform and guide with the broadcasting of information on developments, actors and opportunities in hydrogen/energy.

  • Support and promote R&D projects; deployment projects, provide research services and define new learning modules. Make the Grand Est Hydrogen sector visible on a national and European scale.

The DINAMHySE project is supported by companies and local authorities, but also by institutional structures including AFHYPAC, ADEME, the Grand Est region and the government.

This project is co-financed in the context of the call for projects “Be Est Filières d’Avenir” of the Grand Investment Plan.

Hydrogen Grand Est Club

The DINAMHySE consortium has also set up the “Club Hydrogène Grand Est”, launched on March 22nd 2019 in Nancy. The Club’s goal is to animate this new regional ecosystem and also to provide relevant services to private and public stakeholders.

The Grand Est Hydrogen Club is a place for exchange, collaboration and business. It also provides a link with national and international networks such as AFHYPAC, Hydrogen Europe, etc.

Find here the press release of the DINAMYHySE project