All is speeding up for renewable hydrogen!

The end of 2018 and the beginning of 2019 were marked by 3 prizes awarded to HAFFNER ENERGY. All three awards demonstrate the interest and potential of renewable hydrogen production through HYNOCA® .

December 3rd 2019

« Trophées de l’innovation du Grand Est ».

Supported by the Grand Est region, innovation trophies aim to valorize and promote innovative products, processes or services developed by regional companies and thereby illustrate the region’s innovation potential.

It is in this context that HAFFNER ENERGY was given the Innovation Award.

January 22nd 2019, in Dunkerque

Award ceremony for Hydrogenics, the hydrogen trophies.

Organized by the Hydrogénium magazine, hydrogenies reward an innovative project, a company or organization that has carried out a remarkable project, or even developed an innovative solution, in the field of hydrogen.

In this context, HAFFNER ENERGY won the low-carbon industry award.

Philippe HAFFNER was able to take the floor on this occasion, you can watch his speech by clicking here

January 31st 2019

Innovation competition at the Bois-énergie, Regen Europe and Biogas Europe exhibitions.

HAFFNER ENERGY has won the Special Prize for HYNOCA® at Regen Europe.