Haffner Energy recently had the pleasure to welcome a local commission from Bretagne (French region) to its French offices.

This commission, including top decision makers, was welcome by Philippe Haffner, CEO, Christian Bestien, Business Developer, and Didier Le Goïc, Sales Manager.

It was the perfect opportunity for this commission to see with their own eyes the equipments inside HYNOCA®, our disruptive technology for the production of hydrogen from biomass, which makes a syngas full of H2. This gas, called Hypgergaz®, can be used for the production of decarbonated energies for local institutions and communities, as well as for the production of biochar, which can be used as soil conditioner in agriculture.

Haffner Energy’s HYNOCA® stations make it easier to develop hydrogen-based mobilty solutions thanks to local ressources (biomass, hires, etc) and support authorities, industries, and transporters. These stations therefore contribute to the development of circular economy and to the decrease of carbon emissions with a renewable and non weather-based energy that preserves the environment.

HYNOCA® stations are not only an eco-responsible approach, but also a convenient one, as our comission found out! Indeed, the value of the stations’ by-products (biochar and Hypergaz®) allows for a quick ROI before the demand’s full potential.

To know more about HYNOCA®, please visit our dedicated page.