Biochar, a by-product of Hynoca which strengthens the competitiveness of our hydrogen production process
It is now official, after years of work and more than 20,000 scientific publications on the subject, biochar will be part of the elements taken into account for the calculation of the carbon credits.
When our thermolysis unit heats the biomass, it produces:
  • on the one hand, a gas which will continue its way in our machine in order to make hydrogen
  • on the other hand a solid element that we recover: biochar, made up mainly of carbon. It represents 20% of the mass of anhydrous biomass.
This biochar, once placed underground:
  • serves as a fertilizer for plants and other crops that are above it
  • permanently sequesters carbon. At least 3 tonnes of CO2 per tonne of biochar will thus be perpetually eliminated from the atmosphere.
Knowing that as of today, carbon sequestration credits can reach 150 € per tonne of CO2 withdrawn, and that the CO2 objectives set by COP 21 are very ambitious, we can expect that the value of these credits increases.
For more information see the PRO NATURA newsletter of February 2021: