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Vitry-le-François, November 5, 2021

HAFFNER ENERGY signs a supply agreement with KOUROS allowing KOUROS to acquire from HAFFNER ENERGY HYNOCA and SYNOCA energy production units to produce energy from biomass residues. These units are intended for the activities launched by KOUROS to decarbonize freight transport (HYLIKO ) and energy consumption in industry (CARBONLOOP).

HYNOCA, a disruptive process for hydrogen production

The HYNOCA® (HYdrogen NO CArbon) process makes it possible to continuously produce renewable and decentralized hydrogen from biomass residues. The process is economically very competitive – particularly vis a vis other methods of producing carbon free hydrogen. In addition, HYNOCA produces biochar, an excellent agricultural substrate that traps around 50% of the carbon present in the incoming biomass. HYNOCA has a negative carbon footprint of over 11 kilos of CO2 per kilogram of hydrogen produced, which is a considerable asset.

The hydrogen produced in this way can be used for mobility, industry or even be introduced into natural gas networks.

KOUROS selects HAFFNER ENERGY for the launch of its decarbonisation services for freight transport and industry

HAFFNER ENERGY and KOUROS have signed a supply agreement whereby KOUROS becomes a customer of HAFFNER ENERGY for its new activities. HYLIKO and CARBONLOOP are the first decarbonization services designed to meet the energy needs of their customers while reducing their carbon footprint. By combining energy production and carbon sinks through HYNOCA and SYNOCA technologies developed by HAFFNER ENERGY, HYLIKO and CARBONLOOP respond to the climate emergency and address stakeholders committed to carbon neutrality by offering them a unique and integrated service of accelerated decarbonization. By 2030 HYLIKO aims to decarbonise 1 million tonnes of CO2 per year and to operate 10% of the European heavy goods vehicle market in hydrogen, ie around 15,000 heavy goods vehicles and around 100 service stations. For its part, CARBONLOOP aims by 2030 to decarbonise 1 million tonnes of CO2 per year and to be present in around one hundred European industrial sites.

Philippe Haffner, President of HAFFNER ENERGY stated: “We are very happy to have been chosen by KOUROS, particularly because it confirms the superiority of HYNOCA technology. KOUROS owns assets along most of the hydrogen value chain, and has a high-quality technical team. This gives them an analytical capacity and global vision of the highest level. To this end, KOUROS’ choice in favor of HYNOCA technology provides the market with a firm statement on performance and relevance of our technology. As for the SYNOCA technology derived from HYNOCA, it represents a major and innovative breakthrough for decarbonizing cogeneration and heat production. “

Florent Bergeret, Director of Strategy and Investments at KOUROS France, said: “Two years after investing in HAFFNER ENERGY, KOUROS is delighted to be able to be among HAFFNER ENERGY’s first clients. The carbon-negative production technologies developed by HAFFNER ENERGY have won us over with their unrivalled innovative character. The supply agreement paves the way for a rich and lasting relationship with HAFFNER ENERGY around the HYLIKO freight transport decarbonization and CARBONLOOP industry decarbonization services launched by KOUROS today. “



HAFFNER ENERGY has developed the innovative HYNOCA® process, protected by 14 patent families, making it possible to produce renewable hydrogen from biomass residues. HAFFNER ENERGY has 25 years´ experience in the engineering and turnkey construction (EPC) of power plants producing energy from biomass and waste. HAFFNER ENERGY has built nearly 30 power plants in several European countries.

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An industrial investment company committed to the fight against global warming, KOUROS SA invests mainly in the decarbonisation of transport and energy production. KOUROS SA supports and develops companies carrying innovative projects.

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