Lisbon, Portugal, Vitry-le-François, France, January 20, 2022 – Haffner Energy, a leading player in green hydrogen, announces that GREENVOLT submitted a bid for the conversion of the PEGO power plant with its HYNOCA® technology. The project includes the collection and use of local biomass, the production of renewable hydrogen with the HYNOCA® process and the distribution of green hydrogen and biochar. This innovative process would allow a negative carbon footprint via the biochar, which is also a fertilizer. The green hydrogen production station using the HYNOCA® process would have a capacity of 20 tonnes of green hydrogen per day (equivalent to the green energy required to power 46,000 hydrogen-powered vehicles traveling 15,000 km per year) and would have a negative carbon footprint of 320 tonnes of CO2 per day (corresponding to the CO2 emitted by 73,000 thermal cars).

The project, which would have a strong impact on the creation of local jobs, aims to meet all the regional green hydrogen needs of industrialists and communities, at a competitive price. The excess would be distributed to other areas. Green hydrogen could be converted into green electricity if needed.

About Greenvolt

GreenVolt (GV) is a Portuguese company listed in Euronext Lisbon, which operates in the renewable energy sector. GV is the Portuguese market leader in the production of electricity from residual forest biomass. With an accumulated experience in this segment of approximately 20 years, the company has extensive experience in the design, engineering, operation and maintenance of biomass power plants. GV’s strategy for the biomass sector is based on expansion to other geographical areas through the acquisition of biomass power plants that could be improved from an operational point of view. GV has acquired a majority stake in Tilbury Green Power, a biomass unit near London, UK.
The company now aims to produce green hydrogen by combining Haffner Energy’s HYNOCA® technology with its experience in biomass energy. Together, they aspire to become major players in the energy transition for green industry and mobility.

About Haffner Energy

Haffner Energy is a French family business co-founded by Marc and Philippe Haffner. Haffner Energy has over 25 years of experience in biomass power generation processes, including turnkey projects (EPC). The company is the designer of the HYNOCA® process which produces hydrogen with a negative carbon footprint. HYNOCA® is a breakthrough innovation resulting from 12 years of development and protected by 15 patent families. The first installation was commissioned in Strasbourg in June 2021. The HYNOCA® process sequesters 16 kg of CO2 per kg of hydrogen produced. The hydrogen produced is practically decorrelated from electricity prices and needs.

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