Haffner Energy, a Key Player in decarbonization and green hydrogen production, launches its Initial Public Offering on Euronext Growth® Paris.

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Vitry-le-François, France, on 31 January 2022 – Haffner Energy, a key player in decarbonization and green hydrogen, announces the launch of its IPO listing its shares on the Euronext Growth® Paris market.

Haffner Energy: a unique technology dedicated to the decarbonization through the production of green hydrogen allowing sequestration of 16 kg of CO2 per kg of hydrogen produced with a net carbon footprint of -12 kg of CO2

Haffner Energy developed a revolutionary green hydrogen production and carbon capture process  based on the thermolysis of sustainable forest and agricultural biomass, including (wood waste, forestry chips, wheat straw, cereal dust, maize stalks, etc.). This technology, called “Hynoca®”, protected by 15 patent families, is based on a very energy efficient process that converts sustainable biomass into green hydrogen while sequestering CO2.

Hynoca® has a negative carbon footprint because it produces biochar during the thermolysis phase of the biomass, the first stage of the process, which has three main stages: biomass thermolysis, transformation of thermolysis gas and purification.

For every 1 kg of hydrogen produced by a Hynoca® module dedicated to mobility, 5.5 kg of biochar is co-produced, which is equivalent to the sequestration of nearly 16 kg of CO2. The carbon footprint of the Hynoca® process, according to an LCA calculation¹, is -12 kg net CO2.

An operational Hynoca® module already producing Hypergas®, a high energy density synthesis gas rich in hydrogen produced during the second stage of the process, and capable of producing 264 kg of hydrogen per day is currently in operation in Strasbourg.

¹Life Cycle Analysis carried out by EVEA.