Vitry-le-François, France, May 9, 2022

Haffner Energy, leading player in the energy transition, is strengthening its organization to accelerate its development in the production of green hydrogen and renewable gases based on its innovative biomass thermolysis technology.

Alban Reboul Salze has been appointed Chief Operating Officer and will have as his main mission to support Haffner Energy’s industrial deployment in France and internationally. In this newly created and strategic position, Alban Reboul Salze will oversee the industrial management headed by Frédéric Aubert, the design office, and the implementation and operation of projects. He is a member of the Executive Committee, chaired by Philippe Haffner, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, assisted by his brother, Marc, co-founder of the company and Deputy Chief Executive Officer in charge of technology and Research & Development.

An engineering graduate from the prestigious École Polytechnique, Alban Reboul Salze acquired a solid professional experience within the company TotalEnergies; for 20 years, he held various responsibilities in France and internationally in the direction and operational management of industrial and energy projects, business development and more recently in the direction of the digital twin program for the industrial sites of the Company.

The arrival of Alban Reboul Salze is fully in line with the dynamic of transformation and strong growth which the company has been engaging since its listing on the Euronext Growth® market in February 2022. This new organization will support the industrialization strategy of the Hynoca® technology in Europe, North America and Southeast Asia, with a view to achieving the company’s ambitious commercial and financial objectives.

About Haffner Energy
A family company co-founded and co-managed by Marc and Philippe Haffner and a player in the energy transition for 28 years, Haffner Energy designs and provides technologies and services enabling its customers to produce green hydrogen, renewable gas replacing natural gas combined with carbon capture through the co-production of biochar through its Hynoca® process, by thermolysis of biomass. This process allows the production of hydrogen or renewable gas at highly competitive cost, is carbon negative of 12 kg (net) of CO2 per kg of hydrogen produced, while depending very little on the electricity grid and the cost of electricity. This enables Haffner Energy to make a very rapid and agile contribution to the strategic challenges of Europe’s energy independence combined with the acceleration of its decarbonization.

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