This summer, we had the pleasure of welcoming the Carbonfuture team to the industrial demonstrator of our Hynoca® technology in Strasbourg, France. The sixteen visitors were very positive about the decarbonization capabilities of Hynoca®.

Just to put this into perspective, for every kg of hydrogen produced, the co-produced biochar would allow to sequester up to 12 kg (net) of CO2 (full life cycle analysis) based on its final use as a soil amendment or its incorporation into basic material such as cement, thus being considered as a carbon sink. That is the equivalent of compensating the CO2 emissions generated by driving 98km with a standard petrol car!

Biochar is a powerful carbon sink that will play an important role in removing Carbon Dioxide from the atmosphere. Carbonfuture developed a solution that provides an excellent compensation standard, supporting true carbon sinks on a full life-cycle analysis. Their end-to-end tracking platform connects biochar producers with companies wishing to decarbonize their activities through the purchase of Certified Carbon Sink Credits.

After the visit of the plant, the discussions were focused on the biochar resulting from our biomass thermolysis process.  The resulting sequestered CO2 can be certified, tracked and marketed tomorrow through Carbonfuture, thanks to their digital platform solution.

Many thanks to Hannes Junginger and his team for this very promising meeting!