Vitry-le-François, France, June 15, 2023, 8.00 am CEST

Haffner Energy (ISIN code: FR0014007ND6 – Ticker: ALHAF), announces today the acquisition of Jacquier, a family-owned company specialized in industrial boilermaking and general mechanics located in the Marne region of France. This acquisition is a continuation of a partnership entered into with Jacquier since 2017 to manufacture and assemble strategic equipment for the hydrogen and renewable gas production modules developed by Haffner Energy.

A strategic acquisition to support Haffner Energy’s strong growth

With this acquisition, Haffner Energy has acquired a high-performance industrial tool to meet the accelerating demand for decarbonation solutions in France and abroad. Thanks to these new production and assembly facilities, Haffner Energy is taking a major step forward in its industrial development, confirming its strategic ambitions and its determination to play a significant part in French efforts to reindustrialize territories.

The two companies, based in the community of communes of “Vitry, Champagne et Der”, initiated a fruitful collaboration in 2017. In particular, Jacquier was Haffner Energy’s main subcontractor for the first industrialization stage of its HYNOCA® process, an innovative technology for producing renewable hydrogen. Beyond their geographical proximity, the two family-owned companies have strengthened their ties over the years, with Haffner Energy now one of Jacquier’s main customers, which manufactures and assembles the strategic components of HYNOCA® modules.

Jacquier, a family-run business rooted in its local area

As a family business founded in 1969 by Emile Jacquier in Frignicourt, Jacquier has been cultivating its expertise and know-how in boiler making, general mechanics and precision machining for over 50 years. The company designs, engineers and manufactures customized industrial equipment for a wide variety of customers in France and abroad.

Committed to innovation and developing the skills of its employees, Jacquier has adapted and invested in modern equipment to keep pace with market trends. Housed in a 2,500m² building, it now runs seven overhead travelling cranes and a machine park of 23 units operated by eight employees.

Through the acquisition of Jacquier and its industrial building, Haffner Energy is securing all existing jobs and contracts, and renewing its trust in Jérôme Rat, grandson of founder Emile Jacquier, who is currently the production manager and that he will keep on running.

The integration of Jacquier supports Haffner Energy’s growth by providing technical expertise in process validation through additional technology testing, greater control of the quality and the cost of modules delivered to customers, as well as better control of its intellectual property.

A reaffirmed territorial base, serving national reindustrialization objectives

The association of these two players helps to maintain and develop the local industrial fabric. For Haffner Energy, the acquisition strengthens its industrial and commercial capabilities. For Jacquier, it ensures the transmission of this family business, the continuity of its operations, and the sustainability and development of its activity.

This transaction, worth 880,000 euros, reinforces the economic and industrial dynamism of the Vitry region. By making this acquisition close to its head office and at the heart of an area that has been awarded the “Territoires d’industrie” label, Haffner Energy is contributing to the objectives of regional reindustrialization set out in the industrial recovery plan presented by the President of the French Republic on May 11.

Philippe Haffner, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, and Marc Haffner, Deputy Chief Executive Officer and Chief Technical Officer, co-founders of Haffner Energy, are delighted with this acquisition:

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