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Of crisis and hydrogen

Building the world of tomorrow to create a cleaner planet is at the core of Haffner Energy's values. The COVID-19 crisis calls for responsabilities to be taken, and allows us to take in the size of the challenges ahead, raising awareness of citizens and public institutions on the urgency of climate change and sustainability. Who is not left in awe [...]

2020-11-03T09:44:15+01:0030 April 2020|Public Speaking|

HYNOCA®: a real response to the needs of local authorities

Haffner Energy recently had the pleasure to welcome a local commission from Bretagne (French region) to its French offices. This commission, including top decision makers, was welcome by Philippe Haffner, CEO, Christian Bestien, Business Developer, and Didier Le Goïc, Sales Manager. It was the perfect opportunity for this commission to see with their own eyes the equipments inside HYNOCA®, our [...]

2020-11-03T09:45:57+01:0011 March 2020|Economic news, Our customers|

An excellent start of the year with Regen Europe and HyVolution

The year 2020 is starting off strongly for Haffner Energy with our participation to two major events in the field of hydrogen.   In January, we were at the Regen Europe fair in Nantes, France. With its strong growth in attendance and its sizeable international audience, this event allowed to raise awareness about our disruptive technology HYNOCA® among a broad [...]

2020-11-03T09:43:21+01:003 March 2020|Events|

R-HYNOCA, renewable hydrogen in pictures!

Launched on August 26, 2019 in Strasbourg, R-HYNOCA was born jointly from the partnership between HAFFNER ENERGY and R-ENR (a subsidiary of R-GDS) whose aim is to develop an industrial demonstrator capable of producing green hydrogen from biomass at 650kg H2/day. This production should be able to supply a fleet of buses of about 55 buses. R-HYNOCA works thanks [...]

2020-11-03T09:30:56+01:006 September 2019|Events|


KOUROS INVESTS IN HAFFNER ENERGY TO ACCELERATE GREEN HYDROGEN PRODUCTION FROM BIOMASS Luxemburg - Kouros, the clean energy industrial investment company strengthens its position in green energy by taking a stake in Haffner Energy, a company specialized in the production of renewable hydrogen from biomass. On August 26, Haffner Energy and distributor R-GDS announced the building of the first industrial [...]

2020-11-03T09:33:59+01:006 September 2019|Press|

KOUROS and HAFFNER ENERGY together for hydrogen

The industrial investment company in clean energy Kouros continues its commitment to green energy through an equity investment in Haffner Energy. The purpose of this investment is to support and promote the industrial-scale development of HYNOCA® technology. With the launch of R-HYNOCA (August 26, 2019) and its first industrial unit using HYNOCA®, renewable hydrogen is making a step forward! This [...]

2020-11-03T09:31:14+01:004 September 2019|Economic news|

Launch of R-HYNOCA, green hydrogen in Strasbourg

On Monday 26 August, in Strasbourg, the inauguration of R-HYNOCA was held at the premises of R-GDS (Strasbourg's natural gas network). R-HYNOCA was born jointly from the partnership between HAFFNER ENERGY and R-ENR (a subsidiary of R-GDS) whose aim is to develop an industrial unit capable of producing green hydrogen from biomass up to 650kg H2/day. This production should [...]

2020-11-03T09:31:40+01:0029 August 2019|Events|

Bioenergy powerplant (BEC) of AEB Amsterdam is growing fast

Things are progressing fast for AEB bioenergy powerplant! The building work is progressing and the structure of the powerplant is emerging from the ground, so we are now clearly recognising the 3D view that has illustrated the project so far. As a reminder, HAFFNER ENERGY will be in charge of the steam turbine (8MWe), the condensing station (32MW of [...]

2020-11-03T09:32:02+01:002 July 2019|Events|

HAFFNER ENERGY takes part in the building of the bioenergy powerplant (BEC) of AEB Amsterdam.

In brief : the bioenergy powerplant AEB, located in the Amsterdam harbour area, will produce electricity for 27,000 homes and heat for 25,000 homes from 2020. It will avoid the release of 67,000 tons of CO2 a year into the atmosphere. At least 110,000 tons of wood from pruning and wood waste will be converted each year into renewable energy. [...]

2020-11-03T09:32:32+01:0027 June 2019|Events|