Interview with Philippe Haffner for France Hydrogen

"OUR MODEL IS THE MOST RELEVANT FOR DECENTRALIZED HYDROGEN PRODUCTION", PHILIPPE HAFFNER, PRESIDENT OF HAFFNER ENERGY Thanks to a patented process which makes it possible to produce renewable hydrogen from biomass at a much lower cost than electrolysis, the company, co-founded by Marc and Philippe Haffner, is of increasing interest to the world. So much so that the company is [...]

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Launch of green hydrogen production stations from biomass in Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes and Bourgogne-Franche-Comté for industrial and sustainable mobility uses. 

Paris, Hyvolution show, October 28, 2021 Ets ROUSSEL, the THEVENIN & DUCROT group, HAFFNER ENERGY and Jean-Paul FARGHEON are proud to announce the launch of the first “well-to-wheel” ecosystem. The system integrates the collection of local biomass (remnants of farming, forestry and wine) by Ets ROUSSEL, the production of renewable hydrogen by Haffner Energy’s HYNOCA process, and the distribution of [...]

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Meet Haffner Energy at HyVolution 2021 – Paris 27 and 28 October

We are excited to announce that we will have a stand at 2021 HyVolution Come and stop by and we will be delighted to tell you about our latest innovations as well as the R-Hynoca project in Strasbourg. Our stand number is E16. We will make a further press announcement once the event starts on the 28th October at 10am. [...]

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Biochar, a by-product of Hynoca

Biochar, a by-product of Hynoca which strengthens the competitiveness of our hydrogen production process It is now official, after years of work and more than 20,000 scientific publications on the subject, biochar will be part of the elements taken into account for the calculation of the carbon credits. When our thermolysis unit heats the biomass, it produces: on the one [...]

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HYNOCA®’s hydrogen declared winner of the Pollutec Innovation Awards

Haffner Energy won the first prize of the Pollutec Innovation Awards during the online ceremony of December 2nd. Organized by Pollutec, the major international environment fair, jointly with PEXE, the French network of eco-companies, the prize aims to "distinguish the most remarkable innovations with strong market potential in the fields of environment and energy". After evaluating more than 80 proposals, [...]

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HYNOCA®: a real response to the needs of local authorities

Haffner Energy recently had the pleasure to welcome a local commission from Bretagne (French region) to its French offices. This commission, including top decision makers, was welcome by Philippe Haffner, CEO, Christian Bestien, Business Developer, and Didier Le Goïc, Sales Manager. It was the perfect opportunity for this commission to see with their own eyes the equipments inside HYNOCA®, our [...]

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KOUROS and HAFFNER ENERGY together for hydrogen

The industrial investment company in clean energy Kouros continues its commitment to green energy through an equity investment in Haffner Energy. The purpose of this investment is to support and promote the industrial-scale development of HYNOCA® technology. With the launch of R-HYNOCA (August 26, 2019) and its first industrial unit using HYNOCA®, renewable hydrogen is making a step forward! This [...]

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A look at DINAMHySE, hydrogen in the Grand Est region

DINAMHySE is a consortium created in 2018 and made up of six companies, two research organizations, a local authority and three competitiveness clusters. HAFFNER ENERGY is proud to be a founding member of DINAMHySE. The DINAMHySE project aims to stimulate and accelerate the development of the hydrogen sector in the Grand Est region, from production to multiple possible uses (mobility, [...]

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