Before Steve Job’s “keynote” on 9th January 2007 at 9h40 am pacific time, the new iPhone was not at all identified as a game-changer, and NOKIA did not understand at all their leadership would brutally collapse. The 9th January 2007 by 10h30 am PT, the world understood the phone business model would face a total almost immediate thrilling change. From a secure 50% world market share in January 2007, Nokia fell to 40% in 2008, and crash landed at less than 10% 3 years later.

Although we have our internal operating prototype, our first large industrial commercial unit is not operating yet. Strasbourg industrial unit start-up will be HAFFNER ENERGY’s keynote.

However, we are not claiming at all the situation will be the same for electrolysers as for Nokia! There is an urgent growing need to consume massive excess renewable electricity production during off-peak hours. Hydrogen production from electrolysers is probably the best possible way to consume this excess electricity.