Why do you claim HYNOCA is a strong game-changer?

The only current alternative mature process is electrolysis, and almost all studies on hydrogen rely on electrolysis features and economics. Hydrogen from electrolysis cost relies itself mainly on electricity cost and status (renewable or not). Hydrogen produced by HYNOCA relies on biomass, and the energy efficiency is higher than electrolysis, with an energetical cost 3 to 8 times lower than [...]

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Why HYNOCA is not yet viewed by most market analysts as a game-changer?

Before Steve Job’s “keynote” on 9th January 2007 at 9h40 am pacific time, the new iPhone was not at all identified as a game-changer, and NOKIA did not understand at all their leadership would brutally collapse. The 9th January 2007 by 10h30 am PT, the world understood the phone business model would face a total almost immediate thrilling change. From [...]

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Why will HYNOCA® roll out fast globally?

HYNOCA® stations are compact and modular, with skids fitting in 40 feet containers, and can be implemented easily in small areas in outdoor settings. They are fully automatised, not requiring a permanent human presence for their operation, easy to handle, and designed for a remote operation.

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