Supplier Code of Conduct

HAFFNER ENERGY as a listed company on Euronext Growth is fully aware of the importance of having high standards in its business activities in order to maintain the confidence of the stakeholders and of the market.

HAFFNER ENERGY expects the same commitment from its Suppliers and has set up this Supplier Code of Conduct, hereafter the Supplier Code, specially dedicated to them.

Indeed, the way the Suppliers carry out their activities impacts not only their activities but also the ones of HAFFNER ENERGY.
HAFFNER ENERGY gives a lot of importance to the choice of its Suppliers in order to ensure a compatibility between them, guarantee a solid, trustworthy and durable relationship.

HAFFNER ENERGY expects that its Suppliers commit to respect the principles detailed in this Supplier Code throughout the duration of the business relationship between the two parties.

The Suppliers commit to require from their contractors and their subcontractors to respect the principles in this Supplier Code because they supply products and/or services in accordance with the contractual obligations taken with HAFFNER ENERGY.

In the case the Suppliers require subcontractors, the Suppliers will have to make sure that they are acknowledged by HAFFNER ENERGY, indeed only level 1 subcontractors will be accepted.

Download the Supplier Code of Conduct