Final energies not served by electricity represent more than 80% of the final energies. These 80% are mostly themselves fossil. The only energy carrier identified as in a position to serve these final energies users is hydrogen. This justifies the massive governmental plans to support renewable hydrogen.

The energy exploitation of hydrogen is non-polluting, only water or steam being emitted. Hydrogen does not emit CO2 if the energy used to produce the hydrogen is itself renewable or at-worst non-CO2 emitting.

HYNOCA® solution designed and marketed by Haffner Energy has three decisive advantages, making it a world game-changer.

On the one hand, HYNOCA® does not rely on electricity. In Europe, electricity production from wind or solar farms would have to be multiplied by 15 to satisfy the sole hydrogen production if all ground transportation was fuelled by hydrogen itself produced from electrolysers. HYNOCA® uses all types of biomasses.

In Europe, the available annual production of biomasses exceeds the energy equivalent of consumed oil. There would no shortage nor any kind of deforestation or food competition with agricultural areas.

On the other hand, it significantly reduces the cost of hydrogen at the point of delivery by more than 30% in relation to electrolysis, even if the electricity price is below 40€/MWh.

Finally, it is more than a neutral solution in terms of CO2 emissions, as HYNOCA® allows to obtain strongly negative CO2 emissions, making it possible to cancel CO2 emissions of many fossil fuel users.