Our first General Assembly: consensual and informative

We had the pleasure of holding yesterday our first Annual General Meeting as a listed company, which now has more than 6,400 shareholders! An important event that brought together our main industrial and financial shareholders (representing 91.4% of the capital) and the members of the Board of Directors who have strengthened the governance of Haffner Energy since our IPO in [...]

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Come and meet us in person at these events!

This autumn, Haffner Energy will attend several events dedicated to the hydrogen sector and Energy Transition in France and Europe! Our team will be waiting for you to discuss your decarbonisation projects and to meet your needs with our game-changing solution to produce hydrogen and renewable gases at a competitively and with a negative carbon footprint. Come and see us at this dates: ▶️25-27 [...]

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Visit from the Carbonfuture Team at our r- Hynoca® plant in Strasbourg

This summer, we had the pleasure of welcoming the Carbonfuture team to the industrial demonstrator of our Hynoca® technology in Strasbourg, France. The sixteen visitors were very positive about the decarbonization capabilities of Hynoca®. Just to put this into perspective, for every kg of hydrogen produced, the co-produced biochar would allow to sequester up to 12 kg (net) of CO2 (full life cycle analysis) [...]

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Haffner Energy is present at Hyvolution on May 11 and 12 in Paris

The Haffner Energy Team look forward to seeing you at Hyvolution on May 11 and 12, 2022 at the Paris Event Center in Paris! This event brings together the key players in the hydrogen sector for energy, industry and mobility, with more than 290 exhibitors and an unprecedented programme of conferences and forums in open access. We will be pleased [...]

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A resounding success for the IPO of Haffner Energy!

Sincere thanks to all of our shareholders, both longstanding and new, for their confidence in our decarbonization technology based on the production of super green hydrogen for the sake the planet and future generations. Click here for the Press release: 10022022_CP_Haffner_succes IPO_EN vF  Vitry-le-François, France, on 31 January 2022 – Haffner Energy, a key player in decarbonization and green hydrogen, announces [...]

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Haffner Energy launches IPO

Haffner Energy, a Key Player in decarbonization and green hydrogen production, launches its Initial Public Offering on Euronext Growth® Paris. We invite you to visit the dedicated site: https://www.haffnerenergy-finance.com/ Vitry-le-François, France, on 31 January 2022 – Haffner Energy, a key player in decarbonization and green hydrogen, announces the launch of its IPO listing its shares on the Euronext Growth® Paris [...]

Launch of green hydrogen production stations from biomass in Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes and Bourgogne-Franche-Comté for industrial and sustainable mobility uses. 

Paris, Hyvolution show, October 28, 2021 Ets ROUSSEL, the THEVENIN & DUCROT group, HAFFNER ENERGY and Jean-Paul FARGHEON are proud to announce the launch of the first “well-to-wheel” ecosystem. The system integrates the collection of local biomass (remnants of farming, forestry and wine) by Ets ROUSSEL, the production of renewable hydrogen by Haffner Energy’s HYNOCA process, and the distribution of [...]

Biochar, a by-product of Hynoca

Biochar, a by-product of Hynoca which strengthens the competitiveness of our hydrogen production process It is now official, after years of work and more than 20,000 scientific publications on the subject, biochar will be part of the elements taken into account for the calculation of the carbon credits. When our thermolysis unit heats the biomass, it produces: on the one [...]

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