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SOTEN established by Marc Haffner on the legacy of the family business originally created in 1975. Focus: Project management and engineering for cogeneration energy optimization projects at thermal power plants. 

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1st cogeneration project (12 MW) near Nantes, France

Start of SOTEN’s business expansion, with a growing number of projects in France, Europe, and Africa, in a variety of industries (dairies, ceramics, paper mills, mining operations in particular) over the following years, for a total of 40 projects representing 600 MW of installed capacity

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Decision by SOTEN to focus on biomass residues and waste-based projects exclusively, including incineration plants

Marc Haffner’s first “contact” with thermolysis, a chemical process based on the bubbling fluidized-bed reactor technology initially developed by German chemist Fritz Winkler

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SOTEN delivers the 1st wood-fired cogeneration project (sawmill residues, 4 MW) ever built in France 

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Philippe Haffner joins SOTEN 

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Start of R&D on HYNOCA®, the solution for producing renewable hydrogen from biomass thermolysis

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Haffner Energy established by Marc and Philippe Haffner in Vitry-le-François (Grand-Est region) to leverage SOTEN’s expertise into developing turnkey solutions for renewable energy production from the thermolysis of biomass residues

First round of financing (EUREFI is a founding investor) 

Registration of the first patent families on HYNOCA®

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Projects funded by ADEME and Bpifrance  

Second round of financing

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Third round of financing, with several new investors acquiring a stake in the Company 

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1st R-HYNOCA® contract in Strasbourg 

Registration of 15 patent families, with 80 international patents


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February 2022

Initial public offering of Haffner Energy 

Capital raised: €74 million

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30th anniversary of Haffner Energy

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May 2023

Launch of business development in North America 

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June 2023

Acquisition of the JACQUIER steelmaking and assembly plant near Vitry-le-François, providing Haffner Energy with its first industrial tool for the manufacture and assembly of its modules

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July 2023

Launch of SAFNOCA®, an integrated solution paving the way for mass production of competitive Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF)

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September 2023

Energy Decarbonation Prize awarded to HYNOCA® (INOVANA regional competition)

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October 2023

Launch of the new SYNOCA® offer, directly derived from HYNOCA®, with a high capacity (20 MW and above), and designed to replace fossil natural gas in industry

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Haffner Energy selected by U.S. clean-energy technology incubator Greentown Labs in Houston, Texas, where the Company is hosted


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November 2024

Presentation of the Factor’Hy project, the first high-capacity plant in Saint-Dizier (Grand-Est Region) to assemble renewable gas and hydrogen production modules, with financial backing from the French government (France 2030 program operated by Bpifrance) and support from the GIP Haute-Marne, Europe and the Grand-Est Region

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January 2024

Breaking ground on the new R&D test and training center in the Vitry-Marolles business park, a stone’s throw from Haffner Energy’s headquarters, announced in Q4 2023.

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