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Renewable methanol solution

Integrated solution for large-scale production of methanol through our patented biomass thermolysis technology

Haffner Energy has developed an integrated solution for large-scale methanol production via a precursor gas called Hypergas®

Hypergas® is a renewable synthesis gas produced from all types of biomass with non-competing uses (especially residues) through our patented thermolysis technology.

The process parameters are adjusted to ensure the production of syngas is in compliance with the required specifications for methanol production.

Renewable methanol simplfied production process

A wide range of decarbonization options via renewable methanol

Marine transport
Heavy-duty vehicles
Hydrogen carrier

Methanol is a critical energy carrier for the success of energy transition

The advantages of renewable methanol as an energy carrier are substantial (in comparison to ammonia), particularly for the transport and energy exploitation of hydrogen.
Methanol is expected to play a major role in decarbonizing marine transport – which accounts for 3% of the planet’s CO2 emissions.
Methanol is also the simplest of alcohols that is used in many industrial activities, particularly for the production of solvents.

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