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Our Corporate Social Responsibility commitments

Our social governance

The social and environmental sustainability of our company is intrinsically linked to our mission to develop low-carbon, competitive energy solutions.

We are committed to ensuring that our contribution to the human economy contributes to improving living conditions on our planet.

The positive environmental impact of our technology, our mode of governance, and our social policy are the pillars upon which our commitment rests.

Our pillars

Environmental ambition 

Our ambition is to enable our customers to produce sustainable energy with a neutral-to-negative carbon footprint, in line with our mission to help regenerate our planet. At the same time, we intend to control the environmental impact of our own operations with the aim of achieving a neutral, or even regenerative, overall balance sheet.  


Our mode of governance is designed to foster the development and sustainability of the company around its mission and values. Maintaining a balance of powers and responsibilities between co-founders, shareholders, independent directors, employees, and other stakeholders is of particular importance to us. The diversity on which this balance is built fosters the company’s agility in a fast-changing industry.    

Social policy 

We strive for long-term employee commitment by:  

  • empowering each staff member as an agent of innovation and change, through sharing a clear vision of the company’s ambitions  
  • placing exchange, diversity, and collaboration at the heart of our operations  
  • encouraging the development of talent by offering progressive career paths  
  • guaranteeing everyone’s safety in an environment that fosters collective well-being so as to support individual fulfilment 

ESRS (European Sustainability Reporting Standards) invite us to structure not only our reporting, but above all our approach and commitments so that our overall Governance translates into action and results.  

The double materiality analysis that guides the ESRS standards has led us to prioritize the following issues:  

  • climate change  
  • resources and the circular economy  
  • our own workforce  
  • biodiversity  
  • pollution  
  • business conduct  

And it leads us to make the following commitments: 

Having a beneficial impact on global warming by preventing carbon emissions  

Improving energy performance, while eliminating almost all fossil fuel inputs 

Offering working conditions that encourage long-term commitment, based on collaboration, respect for values, security, and transparency

Limiting the artificialization of land, by integrating this constraint into the design of our products and their implementation at our customers’ sites 

Promoting biodiversity  

Remaining uncompromisingly ethical in the conduct of our business

Codes of Conduct and Ethics

Code of Conduct and Ethics 

Since its inception, HAFFNER ENERGY has been applying a Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) policy to its day-to-day management and strategic choices, long before the subject came to the fore in recent years.

HAFFNER ENERGY has been working on projects that contribute to the energy transition for over 30 years, starting long before mitigating global warming via energy sobriety and the reduction of greenhouse gases was considered a priority by our institutions. 

Since 2015, HAFFNER ENERGY has been developing and bringing to market a pioneering technology protected by 80 international patents. The thermolysis of biomass residues produces Hypergas®, a renewable hydrogen-rich precursor syngas that can be processed into four types of sustainable and competitive renewable energies with neutral-to-negative carbon footprints: renewable gas, hydrogen and methanol, as well as Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF).

Through the deployment of these solutions, Haffner Energy aims to make a direct contribution to decarbonization by reducing 200 million tonnes of CO2 by 2034. 

The February 15, 2022 IPO on Euronext Growth, Paris, raised 74 million euros, giving HAFFNER ENERGY the means to support its performance and pursue its goals in France, Europe and beyond. The company has doubled down on its commitment to a better world, thanks to the dedication of its team to developing solutions that reduce carbon emissions, while respecting the natural cycles of phosphate, nitrogen, and water.

At HAFFNER ENERGY, we unequivocally advocate a set of strong values that respect the environment, the planet, and people’s well-being. We have therefore drawn up this Code of Conduct and Ethics to share our values and commitments in a transparent way. This document is not a brochure. It reflects our vision for the future. It is a reference guide that we intend to be accessible to all our employees and stakeholders.

This Code is designed to help guide the right choices and attitudes, based on expected qualities of integrity, loyalty to the company and its people, and of discernment. These are essential elements in maintaining the trust of all our stakeholders and of the market, so that we may face the many challenges that lie ahead with confidence and ensure the company’s long-term viability.


Supplier Code of Conduct 

As a company listed on Euronext Growth, HAFFNER ENERGY is fully aware of the importance of maintaining high standards in its business activities in order to maintain the trust of its employees, partners and the market. 

HAFFNER ENERGY expects the same commitment from its Suppliers, and has therefore drawn up this Supplier Code of Conduct specifically for them. The way in which Suppliers conduct their business affects not only their own activities, but also those of HAFFNER ENERGY. For this reason, HAFFNER ENERGY attaches great importance to the choice of its Suppliers in order to ensure compatibility between them, which is the key to a solid and lasting relationship of trust. 

HAFFNER ENERGY expects its Suppliers to comply with the principles set out in this Supplier Code throughout the business relationship between the two parties. 

The Supplier undertakes to require its contractors and subcontractors to comply with the Principles of this Supplier Code insofar as they are involved in the supply of products and/or services under the contract concluded with HAFFNER ENERGY.