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Our purpose

Our shared desire to make an active contribution to regenerating the planet is what unites us in Haffner Energy’s corporate project.

Our vision: Regenerating our planet for future generations by avoiding 200 million tonnes of CO2 by 2034

Haffner Energy was born of a simple observation: with the urgency of climate change looming, it is up to all of us to find concrete solutions to slow down, and ultimately reverse, the curve of our CO2 emissions.  

Through its technology and solutions offering to its customers, Haffner Energy aims to make a direct contribution to decarbonization by avoiding 200 million tons of CO2 by 2034.

We aspire to a world in which various types of decarbonized and sustainably renewable energies power our living and working spaces, our industrial and agricultural production, our mobility and freight transport, with a neutral or even regenerative impact on our environment and our lifestyles. 

We know that it is possible to address these challenges through a new industrial model that is both ecologically and economically sustainable.

We are convinced, in this context, that our energy solutions with a neutral-to-negative carbon footprint have a strong role to play in helping define the decarbonized, sustainably renewable, and competitive energy supply that is essential to the preservation of present and future generations.

Our vision is based on concrete, proven, and vetted approaches.

By proactively reversing the curve of greenhouse gas emissions, we are demonstrating that the changes needed to tackle climate change are achievable and robust over the long term.

Our mission

To develop competitive and sustainable renewable energy solutions with a neutral-to-negative carbon footprint that contribute to the regeneration of the planet

We operate in short supply chains:

Our modules enable our customers to use local biomass residues to produce competitive renewable energy for immediate consumption in industry and mobility locally. In this way, we contribute to the emergence of virtuous ecosystems, especially at the local level.

Our customers, shareholders, and employees, as well as political decision-makers and the general public, recognize that the solutions developed by Haffner Energy support an energy transition that is:


Because the production of renewable energies from sustainable biomass and the co-production of biochar, a true carbon sink, sustainably removes carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.


Because our solutions fuel the circular economy and generates shared value for our customers and their stakeholders, for local communities and for society as a whole.


Because our solutions help reduce tensions over energy and agricultural resources, as well as between environmental, economic, and societal imperatives.

Economically viable

Because the main obstacle to replacing fossil fuels is cost and the solutions that we are implementing are already competitive with fossil fuels.

Our aim is to help our customers accelerate their transition to “net-zero emissions” and actively participate in the emergence of a low-carbon global economy.

Our values : the foundation of our corporate culture

Four core values define Haffner Energy :


Innovation is at the core of our DNA. Working each day to deploy it around the world, together with our customers and their stakeholders, is our daily priority so that we can collectively build a low-carbon future.  


We believe in the common good and are committed to acting collectively to regenerate our planet. We collaborate openly and share our ideas and technologies to help decarbonize the economy in a sustainable way.

Being committed

We fully commit ourselves to keeping our promises, because the success of our customers and of their ecosystems depends on it, and so does ours.

Being ambitious

We strive to establish ourselves as the leading player in our sector by offering pioneering and typically disruptive solutions, challenging conventional wisdom, and constantly improving our own performance.