Bioenergy powerplant (BEC) of AEB Amsterdam is growing fast

Things are progressing fast for AEB bioenergy powerplant! The building work is progressing and the structure of the powerplant is emerging from the ground, so we are now clearly recognising the 3D view that has illustrated the project so far. As a reminder, HAFFNER ENERGY will be in charge of the steam turbine (8MWe), the condensing station (32MW of [...]

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HAFFNER ENERGY takes part in the building of the bioenergy powerplant (BEC) of AEB Amsterdam.

In brief : the bioenergy powerplant AEB, located in the Amsterdam harbour area, will produce electricity for 27,000 homes and heat for 25,000 homes from 2020. It will avoid the release of 67,000 tons of CO2 a year into the atmosphere. At least 110,000 tons of wood from pruning and wood waste will be converted each year into renewable energy. [...]

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HAFFNER ENERGY at the Hydrogen Symposium in Le Mans

On June 11th, 2019, a Hydrogen Symposium will be held in Le Mans, in partnership with AFHYPAC. The objective of this day will be to demonstrate that technologies are now mature for use by local actors: transport, producers and distributors of low-carbon energy, production industry. Christian BESTIEN, Director of Business Development at HAFFNER ENERGY, will be there and will participate [...]

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HYNOCA® project rewards

All is speeding up for renewable hydrogen! The end of 2018 and the beginning of 2019 were marked by 3 prizes awarded to HAFFNER ENERGY. All three awards demonstrate the interest and potential of renewable hydrogen production through HYNOCA® . December 3rd 2019 « Trophées de l'innovation du Grand Est ». Supported by the Grand Est region, innovation trophies aim [...]

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THROWBACK : Christian BESTIEN’s talk at the BePOSITIVE exhibition in Lyon, on February 15th, 2019.

On the occasion of the BePOSITIVE exhibition which took place from 13 to 15 February 2019 in Lyon, Christian BESTIEN spoke out for HAFFNER ENERGY during the roundtable session chaired by François Le Naour of the CEA. During this session, the role of hydrogen in the self-consumption of buildings but also in the interconnection of networks was discussed. It [...]

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THROWBACK : Hydrogen Trophies ceremony

On january 22nd 2019, in Dunkirk, the « Hydrogénies » (hydrogen trophies) were awarded with the participation of ADEME. These projects reward companies or organizations that are leading or have led innovative projects in the field of hydrogen. HAFFNER ENERGY was awarded and received the Low Carbon Industry Award for the HYNOCA® project. On this occasion Philippe HAFFNER took [...]

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Hannover Messe, the unmissable exhibition!

Each year, on early spring, the Hanover Fair is held in Germany, the unmissable event for fields of industry, research & development, AI, energy... The figures speak for themselves: 210,000 visitors, 5,000 exhibitors, all spread over 27 Halls. This 2019 edition was held from April 1 to 5. For its second time in the Hanover Messe as an exhibitor, HAFFNER [...]

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Ticket #3 / a successful end of the year 2018

HAFFNER energy ends the year on a positive note with a new project signed, a notable presence at the Pollutec exhibition and the award of the Innovation Trophy awarded by the Grand Est region. New HYNOCA project After the consortium signed a contract for the 120 kg/day hydrogen pilot project in Vitry-le-François, HAFFNER energy signed a contract with the R-GDS [...]

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Ticket #1 | The Hydrogen Rise

In this post, we will discuss the favourable context for hydrogen expansion. Government supports hydrogen expansion On June 1, Nicolas Hulot signed the hydrogen plan, which will allocate 300 million euros to its deployment. As a result, 5,000 light vehicles and 100 stations will appear in France by 2023. This confirms the growing importance of this new fuel in France. [...]

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